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Christmas clothes for kids

Still wondering what to do buy for the upcoming Christmas? It is best to buy as early as possible to avoid delay in shipment. If you are picturing yourself wearing a similar Christmas clothes with your little kids while enjoying the time with close friends and loved ones. Not to forget having a Christmas feast prepared by your own and watching late night shows together as the day comes to an end. It will be something that everyone anticipate and cherish. Do not be worried about the Christmas clothes for your little kids because we have something for you!

In Merrycollective, we understand that it may not be easy for working parents to find a suitable one for the festive season nowadays. We have a wide selection of romper with Christmas design just for little kids. Here is some of the ways you can explore when dolling up your kids with our romper:

Accessories to pair with the Christmas clothes

There are three categories you can explore: Christmas hat, mini gloves, socks/shoe. In recent years, there are many designs of Christmas hat to choose from and can be easily found in any physical stores or online stores. The important thing is to pick a design that will match with the colour scheme that you choose. As for the gloves, it will be good to find those that are breathable and will not cause any irritation to the skin. Generally, monochromic colours will be easy to match with the overall look of the outfit.

If you want to go for a festive feel, black boots will be a good choice. However, you can also special design like elf inspired shoes which will elevate the look to next level. Similarly, there are also other elf inspired accessories available in the market like elf hat. This will surely fits our christmas clothes design too!

Lastly, do refer to our size chart to select the suitable size for the kids. Look for us to find out more about our products now! Do tag us on our social media to let us know how your Christmas celebration turn out. Contact us if you have any inquires. We are excited to serve you soon!

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