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Christmas costume for children

Merry Christmas! It is finally the day that most of us have been looking forward to. Why? Because it means holiday is coming soon! We will get to sit down with our loved ones, enjoying a homecooked feast and dressing up with xmas themed attire. To ensure a perfect experience of the holiday event, it is also important to ensure that you and your kids are dressing up with the most comfortable attire. We do not want to be affected by the discomfort due to the material of the clothes. If you do not have any ideas on what to buy for your kids’s Christmas costume, we got you covered!

In Merry Collective, we have identical Christmas costume set that are suitable for boys and girls. Do not worry about getting skin irritation as we only select the best quality material for our products. Our Christmas costume comes with several designs of the famous red and green hue which will put everyone in the festive mood! On top of that, you can be creative with overall look by adding accessories like clipped-on xmas hat, white gloves with a pair of boots. Do not forget to decorate your home to immerse with the festive atmosphere! A Christmas tree, a spread of dishes on the table and decorative wordings will be great!

Lastly, do refer to our size chart to select the suitable size for the kids. Look for us to find out more about our products now! Do tag us on our social media to let us know how your Christmas celebration turn out. Contact us if you have any inquires. We are excited to serve you soon!

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