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Xmas celebration: things to prepare?

Christmas Day is just right the corner! You are probably thinking of what to do on a Christmas day! Imagine wearing Xmas inspired costume and sitting down with your friends and family for a feast while catching up with their lives..How fun would that be? Just a gentle reminder, social interaction is one of the key things that maintain our mental wellbeing. But, although social gathering in Covid-19 situation might not be as inviting as it used to be, it is still possible to enjoy the Xmas party with your loved ones. What you can do is staying at home and ordering the feast to your home via delivery service or maybe this is the right time to show off your culinary skills! Other than food, you will also need some nice clothes to wear right? It will not have to expensive but still looks good on you! Here is some of our recommendation you may want to consider:

Xmas style outfit

There is many types of Xmas style outfit such as pullover shirt, pyjamas, overalls or dresses. First thing you must decide is what will be the style you are looking for? For example, you may want to go for a blouse and pants combination instead of a dress. In this case you can choose colour theme that can match with festive theme like red or green. This will surely put you in the festive mood.

In merry collective, we have many different types of xmas costume, pyjamas that will surely put anyone in the festive mood! Our material is made of hundred percent organic cotton that will not cause any skin irritation for anyone who has sensitive skin. Yes, it is suitable for newborn too!

Look for us to find out more about our products now! Do tag us on our social media to let us know how are your Xmas party looked like. Contact us if you have any inquires. We are excited to serve you soon!

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