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Family Christmas

Christmas is not just about gift exchange or how much gift you get. To experience the true meaning of christmas, it would be all about the family spirit. On christmas eve your family would prepare the girfts with love for their little onces and on chistmas day, your family would have a scumptous meal togther. These connections give would give your christmas that joyful and warm feeling that everyone is looking for. But why is christmas all about the these spirits ?

Our support system

Family will always support their child dreams, they are the once that you can count on, when in times of trouble, they are the once that you know you can rely on. Your parents would do their best to make you happy when you are sad, care about you when you are scare and would still be there for you even when you gone bad. Some might say friends are the once that you can truly rely on but they will always come and go, however you loves onces would always be there for you no matter what stages in their life they might be.

Unconditional Love.

Family would always see the best in you, they will always believe in you and have faith in you. There are many types of relationships but no love would ever surpass the love of your family. Knowing that you have your family that you can fall back to, is already something that one dersire and also have a peace of mind. Family are the ones that you go home to, they are the ones that bonds can build over dinner or even festive season without anyone stopping you or judging you.

For your kids to enjoy and also to learn about this family spirit, why not be one with your kids, dress up for this hoilday season with them and make them feel at home and love. Come join us at merrycollective and spice up your chirstmas this season today.

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