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Office Christmas Party Guide

Christmas accessories are being used

Many people who have worked from home for more than six months may miss social connections with coworkers and friends. While ‘traditional’ Christmas celebrations will not be held, a virtual Christmas party is still a terrific way to connect and thank employees for their efforts, but merely mailing a bottle of wine and setting up a video chat won’t suffice. There are a plethora of ways to include coworkers in something fun and festive with a little imagination.

Plan Party Activities

No one wants to sit through another video call after a long day at the computer. As a result, while arranging your virtual party, think about how you might persuade them to do something a bit more engaging.

Set a Theme for your Party

A theme is a must-have for every fantastic party, and Christmas is no exception! Choosing a creative theme will help you organize the flow of your party and provide ideas for activities, food and drink, a soundtrack, and even a dress code. You don’t have to limit your ideas to only those that are related to the holidays.

Plan your Party

Make an attempt to put a time limit on your virtual party. You want to keep your staff engaged as much as possible, but that won’t happen on a long conversation, and video calls are more taxing than regular calls. Everyone who has worked from home has experienced zoom burnout at some point. Set a precise start and finish point when sending out party invites.


If you’re sending items to staff, be sure to personalize them. It’s the most effective method to show your staff how much you value their hard work and devotion, especially given the year’s difficulties. There are many ways to bring the Christmas spirit to your virtual party, from customised Christmas cards to branded décor like Christmas crackers.

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