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Unique Christmas Decoration

Let’s say you want to try a unique Christmas decoration instead of the eerie atmosphere that the sensuous skeletons created on your lawn. Or you want to be merry but don’t want to put up another Santa Claus inflatable. The ideal unique Christmas decoration are now accessible for purchase in such instance. The decorator who wants to flout convention, anger some neighbours, and earn the title of “quirkiest lawn” on the block would love these light-up chickens.

To begin with, the light-up chickens are of the size of a real chicken. There will be no colossal reindeer or monstrously enormous snowflakes for you. The little chickens come in small (13 centimeters x13 centimeters) versions and large (22 centimeters x 22 centimeters) versions. And I’m assuming the former is factory farmed. Each bird has a beautiful red scarf wrapped around its neck, with mistletoe tying it closed, to make it apparent that these aren’t just all-year-round light-up chickens. This detail “radiates wholesomeness,” according to the seller.

These vivacious-looking lawn birds are available for $19 for the small bird and $24 for the larger bird on Amazon. Instead of Frosty the Snowman, do something different this year and amaze your neighbours with some chickens.

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