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What type of clothes are teens into

Live your life the right way teens.

Many of our parents do not like the way we dress. I know there will be many parents reading this answer,

but this is what I think and it is also what my parents have told me about it.

I know our way of dressing decides our position in the society (especially the Indian society) but it should not be so.

Not our dressing, but our social skills should decide our position in society.

Teens (girls) want to wear short skirts, shorts, dresses or things that show their skin.

Parents try to make them understand that the society does not think good for us.

The men will see us with bad intentions so they do not let the girls wear clothes that show too much skin.

But whatever we wear is our freedom, is not and excuse for man to commit crimes.

But it is not we who should be ashamed of the clothes we wear or not even wear what we like.

It should be those men who should be taught to see girls in a respectful manner.

We girls should not shy away from wearing anything, it should be those rascals who see us with bad intentions who should be taught that those girls they are seeing with bad intentions can also be their mother, daughter or sister.

Thus teens, especially girls should wear what they like.

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